!!!coming in spring 2018!!!

landing your dream clients

Are you getting sick of working with the same old clients you’ve worked with since you began? You appreciate the work but you’d love to land a high paying, forward-thinking client?

They exist! And they are just waiting for you to find them. In this course you will learn the tricks to manifesting your dream clients and how to keep them around for more than just an initial service.

what's your brand's missing link?

Nothing is harder than running a business. But somehow we are also expected to keep our brand, social media, and website current while still turning a profit and creating products costumers continue to want.

In this course we’ll go over what your brand is missing and how that one link could help the rest of your business exponentially grow.

learning your brand's voice

Your brand’s voice is just as important as your logo. Some would argue it’s even more important. Learn how to post to social media, blogs, and your website with words that inform as well as tell your brand’s story.

design for newbies

Have you always wanting to design but never known where to start? Do you have absolutely zero experience with design programs and are too intimidated to begin?

Embrace your newbie and hop on this train! Design is the most versatile industry to get into. Learn the absolute essentials with me because duh I know you’ll like design. I really do.