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Why I love being a millennial

Why I Love Being A Millennial

This is an excerpt from my course Good Things Come to Those Who Hustle. Enroll in the course here.

Why I love being a millennial


We’re about to talk about millennials. And it’s not in a negative way. So if you’re a regular millennial basher, you might wanna skip ahead. Or actually, stay. I need to change your mind about us.

The next time I hear a 48 year old complaining about millennials and their need for instant gratification I’m gonna YOLO all over them. (We’re using FOMO as a verb so might as well add YOLO to the list too.) Our need for instant gratification is what drives our hustle! Sure we are impatient, but that’s our greatest virtue. Previous generations followed the culture of get married, get a job, work for 30 years, then hope to live the life you’ve dreamed of. What the hell is wrong with us wanting to live our best lives for our whole lives?

Not once have I thought, I can’t wait till I retire. Honestly, I hope to be doing the work I’m doing now at 87. I’ve found a purpose and career I love and my impatience has helped me get to a place where my finances can keep up with my material needs.

Do you know what thought is depressing? If you’re working a 9-5 day job, you’re spending more time with your co-workers than you are spending with the people you love. Soooo not okay. I’m trying to vacation with boo on the regular and have a presence in my future children’s upbringing. Too much to ask? Definitely not.

We are changing the landscape of our future. Now’s the time to embrace our impatience and use it to our advantage. No use working your whole life doing something you hate. Find work you love that gives you flexibility so you can spend time with your other priorities too.


Maybe you’re in a job right now where you feel overworked and under appreciated. You’ve talked to your boss about it, and they tell you a raise and promotion will come in due time. LIVE YOUR LIFE ON YOUR OWN DUE TIME. GET A NEW JOB.

Maybe you’re on your third job this year and you can’t get along with any of your bosses and you dream of the entrepreneur lifestyle and wonder when the time will be right. START A BUSINESS ON THE SIDE. SAVE $1000 AND SAY SAYONARA TO THE MAN.

Maybe you’ve been in a relationship with a bum of a guy for 6 years waiting for him to propose and everytime you casually bring it up he just as casually brushes it off. THOSE 6 YEARS ARE A LONG ASS TIME HONEY. LET’S NOT MAKE IT 7. CUT THOSE MF TIES AND ADD SOME EXTRA HUSTLE HOURS TO YOUR SCHEDULE

I’m sorry to yell, but it’s just something I can’t say enough. If you are unhappy with your situation, get the eff out of it. Don’t be patient. A lot of times things won’t change. Most of the time honestly. So walk away, actually, run away. Sprint away from those things you are unhappy with and once you’ve ridden yourself of your energy sucks, you will become a magnet for good things in your life. Just try it.

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