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Your Zodiac’s Pantone

Your Zodiac’s Pantone

Your Zodiac’s Pantone

Did you know every zodiac sign has a power color? Incorporate your color into your wardrobe and surroundings to step into your sign’s strengths. Can we all just talk about how we wish we were libras?? Pastel rainbow as your power color? Lucky bitches. Where my proud fellow Leo girls at??

As a trailblazing Aries, you are so freaking hot and fueled with passion. When you get a business idea, that passion pushes you until you’ve nailed it. Surround yourself with colors of fire—red especially—to help you jump start that motivation.


As a sweet and nurturing Taurus, you should surround yourself with orange to help increase stability and progress in your hustle.


As a Gemini, your mind changes quickly and often, like a bright yellow lightning bolt. Surround yourself with yellow to bring more positivity into your life and help compliment your already ultra-posi demeanor. 


As a Cancer, the moon is your ruling planet and brings with it shades of grey and silver. Surround yourself with these shades to bring more intuition and insight into your life. Embrace your strengths and spend time discovering the purpose behind your brand and business.


Fellow Leo babes, I love you. Let’s embrace a warm gold hue that represents both the halo of the sun and a fierce lion’s mane. These shades will help us bring warmth, community, and creativity into our brands and businesses.


Tree hugging Virgos, surround yourself with green in all sorts of ways. You probably feel most at peace surrounded by the beauty of wood, soil, and air. Bring your love of the greener things at life into all areas.


A Libra’s spirit animal might as well be a unicorn—breezy, mystical, and exuberant. A pastel rainbow will bring balance, unity, and peace into your personal and work life alike. Think baby blues, pinks, lavender and peach: gentle, soft colors to sooth your soul.


Sexy, sensual Scorpios, you shouldn’t be surprised by your deep, sultry color. Your energy might give some people whiplash but they’re not the people you should surround yourself with. Dark reds and crimsons will bring out your sensual, creative, and deeply passionate energy.


As a Sagittarius you’re incredibly perceptive and uplifting, so your color reflects this vision, focus, and projection. Purples and deep blues are associated with intuition and mental clarity so bring them into your surroundings and clothing choices.


While most people consider black a heavy color, as a mature Capricorn, you know they’re wrong. The darkness speaks to a power to absorb, soak up, and build upon your surroundings. You are a reflective af and surrounding yourself in black will aid in your path to transformational growth.


The calming second where the blue sky of day kisses the yellow sun into darkness speaks to you, Aquarius. Those blues and yellows mix to make the most vibrant turquoises, and aquas, which can wash over you like a relaxing bath or splash of refreshing relief. Keep this color nearby to keep your demeanor cleansed and vibrant.


You are intuitive, in sync with the tides, and connected to all things water, much like your bestie, the moon. Surround yourself with the color of the waves to bring an infinite amount of peace into your life, business, and hustle.