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  1. THE WORLD NEEDS WHAT YOU GOT. Focus on THEM not YOU. You were put on earth with a purpose. A divine mission. It can be really hard to learn exactly what that is but the cool thing is, we have our whole lives to figure that out! Our purpose can change, pivot, but we still are showing up as our selves.
  2. TREAT YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A BUSINESS. The moment you start doing that is the moment your business will start making business like money. If you’re treating it like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby.
  3. INVESTING IN YOURSELF/YOUR BUSINESS WILL ALWAYS PAY OFF. Every single huge investment I have made in myself and business has paid off tenfold. Whether it’s hiring a coach, hiring your first employee, or getting an office space, taking that big leap is proving to yourself that you believe in your goals.
  4. UNDOUBTEDLY FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION. Your intuition knows literally every single step you are going to take. Sometimes (a lot of times) we have to quiet down to hear her, and set our ego aside, but the moment we start listening is the moment our journey gets a heck of a lot easier.
  5. SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE GREATEST FREE TOOL WE HAVE. Thank the HEAVENS we don’t have to knock door to door selling shiz to start a business. I’ve done it before but definitely prefer networking from my bathtub or from freaking Cabo. (Haven’t been to Cabo but it seems like a Boss Bae place to network from.)
  6. IF YOU HAVE A BUSINESS, YOU NEED TO BE WILLING TO SHOW UP AND SELL EVERY SINGLE DAY. Literally every single day. If you struggle with that, you need to get honest with yourself. Do you freaking love the product/service you are selling? And are you providing enough value to offset the selling? Something is off. Adjust accordingly. 🙂
  7. THERE ARE GOING TO BE BAD DAYS, BUT THAT JUST MEANS BETTER DAYS ARE COMING. Rock bottoms are actually the BEST thing in the world and the BEST thing to happen to my 2018. Because it’s not just “up” from there. It’s skyrocketing vibes from there.
  8. LEARN HOW TO HAVE FUN AND DO THAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Prioritize having fun. Don’t live your best life in 40 years once you’ve retired. Live your best life now!!!
  9. FOCUS ON BUILDING YOUR DREAMS DAY BY DAY. Goals are reached through consistent efforts to move towards them. Decide the one thing you can do today to further your goals, and then do it!!
  10. TRUST THAT THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK. Trust fall into your dreams. The universe has your back. And the more you trust the more you’ll be guided and blessed with the best. Straight up.

2019 is gonna be SO GOOD. It’s already SO GOOD. Cheers to the freaking best year of our lives. 🙂