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Why Choose

Trust me, I get it. Choosing someone to take care of your brand is scary. Not only is it a big investment, but it’s also your baby! You’re not trying to hand it over to a stranger without them tooting their own horn a bit. So don’t mind if I do…

I started in an effort to help empower brands that are working to empower women. Now I sort of hate the word empower. Who am I or you to give power to an already powerful woman? What we really are doing is teaching women to be authentic. To rise to their potential. To step into the divine power.

I have been in the design field for nearly 10 years. And even though I don’t like how old that makes me, I hope you find comfort in hiring me as a trained, experienced professional. I’ve worked with a variety of brands from small start-ups to big boutiques to $200+ million corporations. Each brand has its difficulties and excitements and I use what I’ve learned from each project in all the new branding and web design tasks I tackle.

Not only am I experienced professionally, but my personal life consists of even more design. If I’m not “working” i.e. sitting at my computer designing, I’m browsing the internet for the latest trends, talking business and marketing strategies with my bestie, or brainstorming a way to take my client process up a notch. Design is my world and it has been since I was 10 and would make my sister do design consultations with me for fun. Let me help you craft the brand of your dreams in a fun, easy to digest way that will empower you (teach you) how to continue spreading your brand across a larger reach as your following grows. Which it most definitely will when you have a brand, website, and marketing strategy that you’re proud of.