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#76. MANIFESTING WHATEVER YOU DESIRE IN LIFE: Understanding the magnitude of your power, uncovering and healing subconscious blocks, plus running your business how YOU want to with law of attraction genius, Thalia Penninkilampi.

Manifesting is one of my favorite topics to talk about. And especially with the law of attraction genius, Thalia. She has helped me step into a higher level of manifesting in the past couple months. We dived a little into my own subconscious and talked about some of the personal…

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CLAP FOR YOURSELF IPhone Wallpaper Design

CLAP FOR YOURSELF iPhone Wallpaper Design

REMEMBER, YOU GOTTA CLAP FOR YOURSELF, BABE. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 It’s so easy to fall into the trap of expectations. Living the life that others want us to live. But guess what?? In the end that ain’t gonna make YOU happy. 🙈 Get CLEAR on your goals. Get to WORK. And CLAP…

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CREATE MORE IPhone Wallpaper Download

CREATE MORE iPhone Wallpaper Download

When was the last time you sat and created something? We get so in the habit of just getting things done that we forget to focus on new growth strategies and creating VALUABLE new content. ❤️ We spend so much time scrolling we run out of time to create. 🙃…

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Perfectly Imperfect IPhone Wallpaper Download

Perfectly Imperfect iPhone Wallpaper Download

Hey you!!! Yes YOU. YOU ARE PERFECTLY IMPERFECT. 💚 You were made this way for a reason. Your imperfections are beautiful and intentional. 💜 Perfect is BORING. Normal is BORING. Some will disagree with this but... professional is BORING. 💛 A lot of people will say there’s a fine line…

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Authenticity Is Power Wallpaper Design

Authenticity is Power Wallpaper Design

Life is just a big ole journey of coming home to who you’ve always been. Once you embrace your authentic self, that’s when you really step into your power. It’s scary to put the real you out there, but I promise it gets easier. People are buying what you’re selling…

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